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1. Links digital CD images, MPEG, or Audio with your text images for Maximum impact (like a PowerPoint® presentation)

2. Integrates VM-3 Text and Video Generator & Controller with VMX Pro Media Player for total presentation customization

3. Includes VM-3, VMX Pro Media Player,  Authoring Software (to upload your own Video and Images to Flash a Drive), Cross Over Cables, Computer Keyboard, VMConsole (control VM-3s from Internet), 512 MB Flash Drive and Licensing Agreement (see details below)


Hotel Package

Price: $2995


Hotel Package (BEST VALUE)

What Does the Hotel Video Package Include? (Details)


1) The VM-3: message generator and video controller


2) The VMX-Pro Media Player: 1.8 GHZ processor and can play images and video


3) USB FLASH DRIVE (512 MB): enough for hundreds of images or 45-50 minutes of Video. These drives are available in sizes up to 4 GIGs. The drives comes with 80 standard backgrounds


4) MSR III Multi-Media Authoring Software: This software allows the user to add images and video to the USB Flash Drive for use in the VMX Pro Media Player. With this software the VMX Pro Media Player can be setup to act as a server for the VM-3 or automatically present a play list by itself


5) VMConsole: allows the user to control VMCs directly from a Windows® PC. The software also allows the user to connect to the VM-3 box using the Vlinx option (below) through a LAN or the World Wide Web.


6) Two 9 Pin Serial Cross Over Cables: One to control the VMX Pro Media Player and one to control the VM-3 from a Windows® PC.


7) Power Cord and Video Cables with BNC Connections


8) Licensing: You get the standard 80 images/3 videos to get started on your flash drive with this package


9) Owner’s Manual


10) Interface Cable (for VM-3 and VMX)


11) AT101 Computer Keyboard: computer keyboard with user friendly shortcuts on it

What does the Hotel Package have that High Impact Package doesn’t?


1) VMConsole for Windows® (control VM3 from a PC!!!)

2) 512 MB Flash Drive

3) License for Hotel Image Pack of 80 Backgrounds of assorted subject manner

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